Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Step up to the Counter for another Sample

I know you can sample the Kindle version on my poetry collection, The Closet Clandestine, and soon you will be able to Search Inside the Book for the paperback version, but with so many morsels within this work, and it being a sunny Wednesday in May, I thought I'd toss another free sample on the counter to be tasted. This tidbit is from one of the seven books in the collection - from The Festival at Thebes, but was published in a poetry anthology The Poet back in 1976. I mention that because . . . well, that will be self-evident:

Atop the Twin Towers

From the top of the world of man
Steel arched and graced by girder,
I see the river race,
The placid calm of the market of mammon,
Coming afar about the island’s tip,
Seeking trade in cargos gold,
For precious agate, amber rare,
Through old Palmyra’s gates,
Dawning over Hecatompolis.
Mighty mistress on the flow,
Raising high the towers two,
Receive the caravans of man.
Bactria sends the dragon steeds;
Silken skeins from Serica come,
Glass as precious as your steel
Weighed in balance oft’ maintained
By the greatness of your name.
Honor in the holy trade
In unhampered, commerce free,
Has now come to they scepter’s twain
And past unto your dynasty.

Note: This Poem was written in 1976 and published in the Poet

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