Friday, May 16, 2008

Coming Soon from the Pen of E.C. Patterson

Late May 2008

In preparation, for release on Kindle and Paperback in late May is my new volume of poems and aphorisms inspired by my Cherokee experience.

Come, Wewoka: Poems on the Trail of Tears, is a poetic recounting of the forced removal of the Cherokee from Georgia to Oklahoma Territory.

The Diary of Medicine Flower: Cherokee Aphorisms is a suite of daily thoughts from a modern man with a Native retrospective.

Together, in a single volume, these form my tribute to my Cherokee heritage.

Medicine Flower
Nv-wo-di A-gi-lv-s-gi

Late June 2008

Surviving an American Gulag is a first-hand look at the treatment of gay men in the military during the Viet-nam era, as presented by a soldier who lived through every torturous, life-shaping moment of it.

Private Winslow Gibbs learns the hard way that the draft has brought him in conflict with more than Uncle Sam's enemies. Having failed to get with the program during training, he is removed to the Special Training Unit, a place designed to break and chuck out those who do not come up to the Army's standard for cannon fodder. It proves to be a reckoning point for those deemed misfits. What Gibbs finds here, however is beyond anyone's reckoning.

I'll keep my readers posted on its progress.
Also, I have been doing a Guest Blog spot on Writer's Help Blog. Come Visit. The topic is:
Some Thoughts on Revising a Novel

Edward C. Patterson

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