Friday, January 27, 2012

A Reader's Guide to Author's Jargon

Just released - Exclusively for the Amazon Kindle.


From the author of No Irish Need Apply, The Jade Owl and Are You Still Submitting Your Work to a Traditional Publisher?, comes a collection of four humorous and stimulating works designed to amuse you for hours:

A Reader’s Guide to Author’s Jargon — a glossary of authorial terms and definitions many of which will surprise you and all of which will amuse you.

Extempore Thoughts for the Day — aphorisms both wise and clever from the author’s battery of fortune cookie wit.

Ask Miss Chatty — an advice column from a drag queen, who isn’t afraid to flip her wig and the pithiest of reader inquiries.

New Leaves in the Wind: 5 Essays from a Recovering Webaholic — an insiders view of corporate spending on website development and how it’s contributed to the current financial meltdown.

If you want to fire up those synapses, come jog in the jargon. Regret’s not a four-letter word.

Excerpts from Extempore Thoughts for the Day:
“Books, like chapels or cathedrals, open their doors for reader meditation. Of course, authors still must pass the collection plate.”
“Variety is the breakfast of life. You waffle today; you pancake tomorrow.”
“The Roman Senate opposed dictators, but Caesar had his Gaul.”
“They say the world has seven wonders. I agree. They're called the days of the week.”
and 263 more

Edward C. Patterson

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