Friday, December 24, 2010

A Holiday Message from The Indie Spotlight

A Holiday Message from The Indie Spotlight

Once a year, humankind gathers, no matter what belief they subscribe to or what oppression they have suffered, to exchange good will and the gift of life. Many traditions have captured the essence of this habit, from a simple toast to a riot of celebration. Those who know better know that in this season of joy we have a special custodianship for one another; a camaraderie and a fulfillment beyond the burdens of daily toil and labor. It is in this ability to touch strangers and loved-ones alike that we encapsulate the notion of civilization.

We at The Indie Spotlight have been delighted to provide a conduit of great writing for our subscribers and readers; and an opportunity for authors to do what they do best - share in words their thought and imagination. Spinnings from the pen have been a tradition of the season. Great authors have made a special point to hon their craft during the holidays with memorable gifts that still linger in civilization's larder - from Dickens to Alcott, from Pushkin to Verne, from O. Henry to Schiller and a plethora of masters who command our attention, loyalty and gratitude. The wonder of it all is the wonder of this season; that there have been and are so many talents to express daily what we find best vented during these inspiring days. We are happy to say that there has been no dearth of authors or readers in the spreading of this cheer.

Expressions of thanks are often empty - often shallow and lain upon the shelf with the tarnishing trophies. However, this first year of The Indie Spotlight has been something rare and fruitful. It has given a voice to those who need to be heard and an ear to those who thirst for music. Therefore, it is not with empty words that we thank our contributing authors and our faithful readership, because we intend to continue to maintain and grow this platform for your delight and our determination. May you all have a healthy, prosperous and bright holiday season as we, together, continue this business - this business of civilization.

Edward C. Patterson
& Gregory B. Banks

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