Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Message to the Militay Members of operation eBook Drop

To the Military Members of Operation eBook Drop:

As a veteran and a citizen I want to thank you all for your courage and sacrifice to keep this world safer and my liberties intact. Without our brave men and women in the coalition forces, all citizens would be shackled to their fears and sleep the sleep of the restless. I appreciate what's a stake here and know that a gift of a mere book is a small contribution to ease the hours you spend away from home and family, but I am glad to make it, as insignificant as it is compared with the gift that you have given me and to all the citizens of the countries that you represent.

I hope to hear from you, telling me if my fictional world intrudes upon your real world and if it has added some comfort to your magnificent service.

May this message find you healthy and safe. May you be blessed beyond all measure and find some joy within each other and with the many who pray for your safe return.

Happy Holidays
Edward C. Patterson(formerly SP 5 Ed Patterson US Army, 6th Batallion, 60th Artilery (1966-68)

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