Sunday, September 13, 2009

Operation EBook Drop

New initiative started by grass roots and supported by major eBook distributor.

I started a little project over at Amazon gifting ebooks to deployed military troops with ebook readers, which in five days has mushroomed to over 20 Indie authors contributing their ebooks for free to our deployed brave men and women in the Armed forces.THEN, it got so big, so fast, Smashword's president, Mark Coker, approached me to get it on a firmer footing and as of today they have thrown their full support into the program which we call Operation Ebook Drop.Here's a link to all the information and I hope that authors who read this will participate and any one who can get the word out to the military services (I'm working on some agencies) will do so (the information is also on the mashword blogsite. here's the link.

my email address is on the blog at Smashwords

And today I did a Guest Blog on Books on the Knob promoting Operation Ebook Drop, which is mushrooming daily

Books on the Knob is also available as an Amazon Kindle Subscription Blog, so words of this project will now be delivered to Kindles nationwide.

Edward C. Patterson
formerly Spec 5 E. Patterson, USArmy 6th Batallion, 60th Artillery (1966-68)

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