Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Look Away Silence Press Release

PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 14, 2009 – Edward C. Patterson's latest novel, Look Away Silence, will be published. It is a romance set during the height of the AIDS crisis in the gay community and encapsulates the author's experiences in volunteer AIDS services during the 1990's. It is dedicated to the Hyacinth AIDS Foundation and the NAMES Project.

Look Away Silence:

Martin Powers wanted an ironing board for Christmas. Instead he got . . . Matthew Kieler, a non-returnable gift, but a gift that kept on giving. Chance encounters are sometimes the ones that most change our lives. He sold Matt a tie, but got more in the bargain — more than most people would want and more than anyone deserved. Although these lovers may not have had the pink American dream, they had it better than most, even as they faced a crisis that would change us all.

Look Away Silence is a romance set in the time of AIDS, when ignorance could spell trouble and often did. It encompasses the author’s experiences in volunteer community service and personal friendships during a tragic period in American history. The novel is dedicated to the Hyacinth AIDS Foundation, the NAMES Project and to the author’s own fallen angels. “Mothers, do not shun your children, because you never know how long you have to revel in them.”

complete release: http://tinyurl.com/mc54wu

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