Friday, May 1, 2009

Press Release: The Dragon's Pool to be Released on May 11

Press Release: May 1, 2009.

Edward C. Patterson's, The Dragon's Pool, Book III in The Jade Owl Legacy series will be published and available on May 11, 2009. This third installment of the five book series brings this epic tale mid-crest. The first two books are The Jade Owl and The Third Peregrination, both available at and eBook (Kindle, Sony Reader and Mobipocket).

The Dragon’s Pool

The Third Book in the Jade Owl Legacy Series.
A shadow stalks the lanes and streets, from Gui-lin to San Francisco; from Florence to the Dragon’s Pool. In its wake, Rowden Gray and his China Hands follow a course to right the wrongs of time. The relic is hidden, but stirs in the soul and archaic rituals long since forgotten, but never lost. Some books are closed. Others are open, giving up their secrets. And in the darkness, ancient terror awaits. A barrren field yields up its magic and . . . the comets return to earth.
The Dragon’s Pool, the next installment of an adventure like none other, looms across the landscape giving even the stouthearted pause to reflect. The stalwart characters of The Jade Owl and The Third Peregrination are back, and joined by new players and helper bees and . . . yes, villains. It is time for the Tien-xin Rite. It is time to close history’s fissure. It is time to complete the prophesy that dwells beneath Her Majesty’s hem. It is time to count the teeth that emerge from the Dragon’s Pool.

Edward C. Patterson has been writing novels, short fiction, poetry and drama his entire life, always seeking the emotional core of any story he tells. With his eighth novel, The Jade Owl, he combines an imaginative touch with his life long devotion to China and its history. He has earned an MA in Chinese History from Brooklyn College with further postgraduate work at Columbia University. A native of Brooklyn, NY, he has spent four decades as a soldier in the corporate world gaining insight into the human condition. He won the 2000 New Jersey Minority Achievement Award for his work in corporate diversity. Blending world travel experiences with a passion for story telling, his adventures continue as he works to permeate his reader's souls from an indelible wellspring.

Published Novels by Edward C. Patterson include No Irish Need Apply, Bobby's Trace, Cutting the Cheese, Surviving an American Gulag, Turning Idolater, The Jade Owl (Jade Owl Legacy Series Book I), The Third Peregrination (Jade Owl Legacy Series Book II and Southern Swallow Series (Book I – The Academician). Coming soon: The Dragon’s Pool (Jade Owl Legacy Series Book III), Southern Swallow Series (Book II – The Nan Tu; Book III – Swan Cloud; Book IV – The House of Green Waters), Look Away, Silence, Belmundus, The Road to Grafenwöhr, and Green Folly. Look also for The People’s Treasure (Jade Owl Legacy Series Book IV) and In the Shadow of Her Hem (Jade Owl Legacy Series Book V). Poetry books available are The Closet Clandestine: a queer steps out and Come, Wewoka - and - Diary of Medicine Flower. Also Are You Still Submitting Your Work to a Traditional Publisher?

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