Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bobby's Trace NOW Nine-nine Cents on the Kindle

I am pleased to announce that for a limited time only I have reduced the price of my Kindle Novel:

Bobby's Trace (4 1/2 stars - 11 reviewers)
now available on for $ .99 (NINETY-NINE CENTS)

Do ghosts mourn the living? Perry Chaplin is in mourning for his life partner, Bobby - a time of stress, notwithstanding. The more he drifts, the more he becomes unhinged until he's one room short of a rubber one. "Get a grip, Perry." So he takes his chances on a blind date, which further plunges him along the nightmare highway. He gets an unsought lesson in life-after-death that turns his bereavement into a horrific adventure. Come peek through Perry Chaplin's mysterious window. See what there is to see. Enter Our Lady of Perpetual Grace, where the holy water boils and the confessionals whisper. What lurks in the rectory's attic? What lies beneath the surface of life and death? What comes in Bobby's - in Bobby's trace? Do ghosts mourn the living? Perry Chaplin knows. Will you?

Edward C. Patterson
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