Friday, April 18, 2008

Cherokee "Talking Leaves"

To me, readers and writers are a single unit. My motto has been "From my mind to your imagination." Reason: My work is not complete until it connects to a reader, and the reader needs to invest themselves in the book to complete it. My writing, like Koontz's writing, and King's, and Dicken's and Twain's, and Thucidides' . . . is a time capsuled communique.

I am Cherokee and my people call such things (the written word), "talking leaves" because they surplant the human voice and quietly whispers their messages across time. They are alive beyond the writer. Perhaps that is why the Cherokee were the only Native American nation to create a writing system, so they could convey the unspoken like new leaves in the wind.

Despite the economics of success or failure, as long as I have committed worthy stories on those eternal leaves, and as long as a reader picks one up and completes the process, my creative circle can be closed. We all dream of selling books like hotcakes. I still have that dream about my epic work, The Jade Owl Legacy, but in the end, everything that I deem worthy from my pen will be released (published, if you will), so they can seek a reader's imagination to complete them. I need no longer exist to do it. Our written children take on a life of their own and graduate to new care through adoption.

Edward C. Patterson
A-wu-di A-gv-lv-s-gi (Medicine Flower)
Bobby's Trace the Cheese Irish Need Apply

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Interesting blog,I love to find new books! Glad to have found your spot.